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    Dark Blue Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Beds / Easy Clean / 5 Sizes

    Dark Blue Plastic Dog Bed, Heavy Duty Waterproof, Strong Durable and Sturdy Basket with Protective Rubber Feet and Air Vents, Easy Clean. Solid, top quality plastic pet bed with non-slip feet. The ventilated base keeps your pet cool while the sides keep cushions and beddings in place. The plastic material makes it easy to clean up any wee accidents! Made from premium quality plastic for long lasting use.

    Approximate internal measurements inside of the base.
    53cm: 53cm x 37cm x 21cm
    61cm: 61cm x 40cm x 22cm
    69cm: 69cm x 45cm x 22cm
    77cm: 77cm x 50cm x 24cm
    87cm: 87cm x 57cm x 25cm

    Approximate external dimensions of the bed.
    53cm: 63cm x 37cm x 21cm
    61cm: 75cm x 54cm x 25cm
    69cm: 83cm x 61cm x 25cm
    77cm: 91cm x 66cm x 29cm
    87cm: 102cm x 74cm x 29cm