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    Dog Cooling Coat Vests for Hot Summer Weather / 2 Sizes

    Hot and bothered dogs will feel refreshed and cooler when wearing these cooling coats. Submerge the coat in cold water before use and then place the vest onto your dog and instantly reduce the risk of overheating during hot weather. This simple but effective process can be repeated whenever the vest dries out to keep your dog cool, happy, and healthy on hot days. Easy to fit, these vests have a belly strap to ensure a snug, but comfortable fit. High quality lightweight material, your dog will hardly notice that they are wearing their cooling jacket.

    Washing: The coats are 100% polyester and can be hand washed, or gently machine washed in cool water.

    Medium (40 cm - Max Coat Girth 70 cm)
    Large (50 cm - Max Coat Girth 80 cm)