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    Dog Cooling Mats for Hot Summer Garden Weather / 2 Sizes

    Cooling mats help to ensure that your dog is kept cool and comfortable in warm summer weather. The core technology inside the pads instantly draws heat away and turns from solid to liquid. This can help to reduce the temperature of a dog by up to 7°C and will last for several hours, without relying on being cooled in the fridge. The easy clean, waterproof mat provides instant and long-lasting relief for dogs who become uncomfortable and at-risk during warm weather. The mat can be placed on the floor, on a bed or in a crate and is perfect for use either at home or when travelling. The mats can also be placed on top of your dog's usual bedding for added comfort.

    The core will go solid again when the mat is left in a relatively cool place such as a cool room or garage. The inner material is 100% non-toxic gel, safe for both humans and pets. *Don't let dogs chew or scratch the cooling mat.

    Medium (45 x 90 cm)
    Large (60 x 90 cm)