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    Mocha Classic Plastic Dog Basket Beds / Easy Clean / 4 Sizes

    Lower entrance practical for young, older or sick pets allowing easy access.
    Elegant shape allows pet to relax in a comfortable position, feeling secure with the raised sides. Durable easy wipe clean surface, the perfect addition to a busy pet household.

    Approximate internal measurements from base.
    65cm: 53cm x 36cm x 16cm
    80cm: 65cm x 44cm x 20cm
    95cm: 77cm x 53cm x 24cm
    100cm TBC

    Approximate external dimensions of the bed.
    65cm: 65m x 47cm x 18cm
    80cm: 80cm x 56cm x 21cm
    95cm: 95cm x 66cm x 28cm
    100cm TBC