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    Toilet Litter Corner Tray for Small Animals & Rodents / Durable Plastic

    A corner litter tray fits neatly into the corner of any room, which prevents it taking up too much space and can even make use of those areas that often go unused. Corner litter trays make the most of the space in your enclosure, good for smaller rodents and pets. Our litter pans are high-backed, great value and easy to fit. They can simply sit in the corner of the pet's cage or can hook on to the supplied, easy-fit clips in wire/mesh homes.

    Small (18 x 14 x 10 cm)
    Suitable for: Hamsters, Gerbils & Mice

    Medium (35 x 23 x 19 cm)
    Suitable for: Ferrets, Guinea Pigs & Dwarf Rabbits

    Large (49 x 33 x 26 cm)
    Suitable for: Rabbits